AVK Blind Threaded Inserts (Rivet Nuts) and Studs

April 7, 2021

Rivet Nuts are Known, or Called by, many Different Generic Names and Trademarked Brand Names, such as: rivet nut usa provides customers the best availability pricing and ISO 9001 AVK threaded nut and AVK rivet nut quality fasteners

Each manufacturer has its own name, part number and designation for threaded rivet nut inserts and installation tools. Here at Rivet Nut USA, we have the industry knowledge to provide the brand names you need, or when that brand is not available, we can easily crossover to alternative fasteners (such as Avdel, AVK, Bollhoff, etc.) that can be used in high volume production industrial assembly applications and lower volume field repair assemblies.

Not all rivet nut fasteners are created equally: some are high quality, some are low quality, some are made in the USA and some are made overseas. To assure you are receiving the best quality product, you need to partner with a strong distributor that has access to the best rivet nuts with the best pricing and the shortest leadtimes! Trust Rivet Nut USA, a division of Cardinal Components Inc, for all your threaded rivet nut insert needs.

AVK Industrial Products is based in California, and was founded in 1983. AVK is ISO / TS16949 and ISO 9001 certified. AVK provides a wide range of threaded inserts (rivet nuts) and tooling.

Rivet Nut USA does not directly procure from AVK; rather, Rivet Nut USA has relationships with other distributors in order to source and provide our customers with genuine AVK product.  The following is a list of AVK Industrial Products brands for threaded inserts and tools that Rivet Nut USA can provide, or crossover, for substantially similar or exact dimension / performance:

AVK Industrial Products | AVK Rivet Nuts | AVK Threaded Inserts

  • A-L Series™ Knurled Threaded Insert
  • A-K Series™ Knurled Threaded Insert
  • A-H Series™ Threaded Hex Insert
  • A-R Series™ Threaded Insert
  • A-L Series™ Sealed Head Threaded Insert
  • A-H Series™ Sealed Head Threaded Hex Insert
  • A-S Series™ Captive Threaded Stud
  • A-T Series™ Knurled Threaded Insert
  • A-W Series® Knurled Threaded Insert
  • A-O Series™ Threaded Insert
  • R-N Series® Rivet Nut Threaded Insert
  • E-L Metric™ Series Knurled Threaded Insert
  • E-H Metric™ Series Threaded Hex Insert
  • C-S Series™ Insert COMPOSI-SERT™
  • C-L Series™ Compression Limiter
  • MS / NAS Specification Bolts & Rivet Nuts
  • AVK Installation Tools (ARO Brand Pneumatic Tool, AVK OST™ Pneumatic Rapid Insert Tool, etc.)

For top-notch customer service, technical support and assembly application engineering assistance, choose Rivet Nut USA (a division of Cardinal Components, Inc.) for your threaded rivet nut insert fasteners and gain a business partner that will add value to your business (access to all the best manufacturers, best pricing and shortest in-stock lead times). Contact Rivet Nut USA today!