Rivet Nut USA™ (an operating division of Cardinal Components, Inc) offers high, medium and low volume installation tooling options. We have distributed the same line of tools for the last 20+ years, which speaks volumes to the success our customers have had with our rivet nut installation tools.

High-to-Medium Volume Installation Tooling: Our main offering is pneumatic/hydraulic or battery operated, German-engineered products that are manufactured by Bollhoff®, with the Bollhoff P2007 being the market leading pneumatic install tool. These tools are “spin pull”, they both spin & pull to install the fastener. With care, these rivet nut tools will provide you with years of enjoyable use, and their lives can be further extended via regular maintenance/repair. Scroll below for more information, including pictures and videos. Some may refer to these tools as rivet nut guns.

Low-to-Medium Volume Installation Tooling: These rivet nut tools are manually operated by your hands, either lever-operated or wrench-operated. The tooling is considered cost efficient while still providing a very high-quality installation. Scroll below for more information, including pictures and videos.

Technical Support: Once you buy a rivet nut tool/ gun, you will gain a team of tooling experts to provide technical support help to ensure your installation goes perfect. To provide support, we can hold teleconferences, provide videos or visit on site.

Post-Purchase Support: We stand by our rivet nut tools. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect, we’ll be here to take care of you. Tooling will experience normal wear and tear in high-volume production environments. Rather than throwing out the install gun, send it back to us and we’ll have our tool lab get it back into tip-top shape!

A Cautious Tale: Please don’t be lured in by the “cheapest” tooling option; rather, look for your “best value” tooling option. With “cheap” tooling, you may encounter an increase in improperly installed rivet nuts, leading to expensive external field failures. Also, ensure that your tooling can be repaired by a qualified tool lab; if not, you may be forced to “throw away and buy again” if a rivet nut tool breaks. Make your Quality Manager (field failures) and Finance Manager (total cost of ownership) happy by choosing to join Rivet Nut USA’s “best value” rivet nut tooling program.

Please enjoy reviewing the installation tooling information below, and don’t forget to watch the Rivet Nut video on our homepage!

View the Installation Rivet Nut Tools We Have to Offer


Pneumatic & Battery (Medium-to-high volume production)

Lever Rivet Nut Tool (Manual; Low-to-medium volume production)

Wrench Style (Manual; Low volume production/field repair)

Rivet Tools

Retired Rivet Nut Tools

 (Non-stock, non-repairable tools. Use as a guide to find your new replacement tool!)