9010 (RK-9000S) Pneumatic Riveting Tool for 2.4 (3/32), 3.2 (1/8), 4.0 (5/32) mm Rivets

If you are in a production environment that demands scale, repeatability and efficiency… then look no further than the 9010 blind rivet pneumatic installation tool (also known as Industrial Rivet or RivetKing® RK-9000S).

Generally, the 9010 tool installs 3/32” (2.4mm)1/8” (3.2mm) and 5/32” (4.0mm) blind rivets. To ensure you are outfitted with the correct tool/ gun for your application and fastener, please call or email us with your details!

Rivet Nut USA’s 9010 is hermetically (airtight) sealed so there is no user maintenance required, other than a standard level of care and cleaning. Should maintenance or repairs be needed, all you need to do is ship the tool into our tool lab for a speedy service. Gone are the days of simply throwing out the tool, this tool is backed up by a limited warranty and is serviceable by a tool lab. Remember: a good tool gives a good install.

The RK-9000S is an assembler’s best friend due to is lightweight and ergonomic design (only .25 lbs force to activate the trigger). The high durometer rubber boot will serve well in a high-volume production environment for years to come.

  • Step 1: Drop the mandrel side of the rivet into the nose piece
  • Step 2: A single trigger pull will complete the entire installation sequence
  • Step 3: The tool will automatically reverse out of installed fastener and the mandrel will be collected in rear of the tool.
  • Cycle Time: Up to 15 installs per minute
  • Pull Force: 1,640 lbf or 7.3 kN
  • Stroke: .670” (17mm)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Industrial Rivet or RivetKing® RK-9000S (Cardinal 9010)
  • Pneumatic Air Pressure:  Regulate to 87 PSI (6.0 Bar) of clean dry air for best operation
  • Pneumatic Air Consumption:  1.5 liters / stroke
  • Ergonomic grip and balance for operator comfort (additional ergonomic accessories available, just ask!)