Rivet Nut USA Part Numbers C722 / C845
Style: Wrench Type Stroke Setting Tools
Capacity: Low Volume Production/Field Repair

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The C722 & C845 wrench type rivet nut installation tool installs the RIVNUT® or PLUSNUT® using a simple wrench to hold the tool and a hex key to apply torque. As the hex key is turned the tool exerts a linear pull stroke to install the RIVNUT® or PLUSNUT®.

Unified & Metric Thread Capabilities:


Unified Rivet Nuts: 5/16-18, 5/16-24, 3/8-16, 3/8-24,  1/2-13, 1/2-20
Metric Rivet Nuts: M8, M10, M12


Unified Rivet Nuts:  4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, 10-32, 1/4-20, 1/4-28
Metric Rivet Nuts:  M3, M4, M5, M6

  • Mandrel & Anvil required for each thread size.  These are considered consumables of the tool, please keep backup(s) on hand!
  • Please consult us on your exact fastener and application to assure you invest in the most capable tool for the job.
    • Note:  Material type of fastener is critical.  Example: Install tool may be set up for a 1/2-13 rivet nut, but tool is only capable of installing a soft aluminum 1/2-13 rivet nut, and can not install a harder steel or hardest stainless steel 1/2-13 rivet nut.  A heavier duty tool would be required to install the harder steel or hardest stainless steel 1/2-13 rivet nut. Call us with questions!



Watch a video of the C722 In Action! (same concept applies for the smaller C845 tool)