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A specialty fastener is a type of fastener used for a specific purpose or application beyond the capacity of a typical bolt or nut fastener found in your local hardware store. Specialty fasteners typically are used for challenging applications that call for a “special” solution. 

For example, for noise dampening or vibration reduction, a snaploc system fastener that we sell solves those issues while fastening together the parent and child applications.

Another example are metal inserts for plastics, the insert helps create a reusable female thread in formed plastics.  The female insert’s secondary attachment can be affixed to the parent plastic via a typical bolt.  The bolt can be screwed and unscrewed to be easily attached and removed from the secondary workpiece of the primary plastic application.

Specialty fasteners are typically highly engineered fasteners that require a technical sales engineer, such as the friendly folks here at Rivet Nut USA, a division of Cardinal Components, to help assure you are purchasing the right fastener for the application.

Specialty fasteners may have a longer lead time or higher minimum order quantity, but as Rivet Nut USA is a stocking distributor, many times we can overcome these challenges!

Sometimes, a specialty fastener will have a unique or robust thread pattern, which makes them better for heavier-duty applications, such as welding, molding, stamping, assembly, and many more manufacturing processes. Many specialty fasteners can be installed from the front side only, no need to access the back side of the application, which can be helpful vs a typical nut/bolt setup.  Specialty fasteners typically are made for all types of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

For 40+ years, Rivet Nut USA has been providing the necessary components for fastening and joining materials to leading manufacturers nationwide. Most often, you’ll find these systems being used in applications for products of industries that require a high level of performance, safety, and reliability in metals, plastics, and composites. These industries include Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Energy, Medical Technology, Domestic (Appliance) Technology, and Oil/Gas.

Rivet Nut USA is your comprehensive resource that provides high quality components which improves the quality of your product, extends the life of your application and are competitively priced. When selecting a specialty fastener, it’s essential to consider the specific application, material, and the required level of performance. Specialty fasteners are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and materials, so there’s sure to be a perfect fit for your needs.

No matter what you’re looking for, Rivet Nut USA is your one-stop-shop for all your fastening needs. We are the preferred distributor of Bollhoff products including IMTEC® inserts for plastics, AMTEC® inserts for plastics, Snaploc® for noise and vibration damping, and Flexitol® fasteners, as well as, a premier distributor for Spirol® inserts for plastics. Our knowledgeable sales engineers and complete downloadable catalogs can easily help you select the right fastener for your application.

Below is our list of current product catalogs and design guides for your reference. Click the links below to download today!

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Threaded Inserts for Plastics Catalogs

Bollhoff AMTEC®

Bollhoff Amtec After-Molding Catalog Cover for plastic components

Threaded inserts for plastics for after-molding applications.

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Bollhoff IMTEC®

Bollhoff IMTEC threaded nut inserts for plastics catalog

Threaded inserts for plastics for in-molding applications.

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SPIROL threaded nut inserts for plastics catalog

Thermoset and Thermoplastic threaded inserts for plastics.

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Bollhoff Snaploc® Catalogs

Bollhoff Snaploc®

Bollhoff Snaploc two part fastener system catalog cover

The functional push-fit connector.

Isolates against vibration and noise: with the coupler made of TPE, combined with optimal geometry.

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Other Specialty Fastener Catalogs


Bollhoff Flexitol stepless tolerance systems catalog cover page

Stepless Tolerance Compensation Systems.

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