Rivet Nut USA (an operating division of Cardinal Components, Inc.) is a Preferred Authorized Distributor of RivetKing® and Goebel® rivets and fastener solutions. Rivet Nut USA provides quality top-notch standard, structural, multi-grip rivets, as well as lock bolt, solid, drive, quick drive and SupraTITE® rivets. There are many types of rivets but they all have the same basic function of a cylindrical body that expands in the predrilled install hole to adjoin the two materials and adds shear/tensile value to the application. Rivets are installed in seconds from one side of the application. Once installed, no finishing work is required on the rivet. We also offer lock bolts (Collar Bolts) that comprise of a pin & collar design that adds vibration-resistance value to the application. Locks bolts are faster to install and offer better performance than a traditional nut and bolt. For any project where you need a strong, easy-to-install blind fastener; the rivet will work perfectly!

Rivet Nut USA also offers industry-leading installation tools, such as the Industrial Rivet pneumatic RK9000 series (9000S, 9000M & 9000LS) and Industrial Rivet battery tool (RK-401CR). These pneumatic tools are for medium-to-high volume production requirements and install fasteners in about three seconds while being built of the highest quality and reliability. For low-volume installation tooling, contact us to learn about the variety of manual tools we offer to facilitate your perfect installation. We have these tools stocked and ready to ship to you! If you would like to learn more about our installation tools visit our installation tools page!

If you are looking for high-quality RivetKing® or Goebel® fasteners and more (collar bolts and rivet nuts), please trust your experts at Rivet Nut USA (an operating division of Cardinal Components, Inc.). For more information about our rivets and tools please check out the catalog pages (listed below), and contact us to place an order or to ask any questions about our RivetKing® and Goebel® products. Rivet Nut USA’s service level agreement to you is that our friendly sales team will answer by the third ring during business hours!

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