Bollhoff Snaploc Female Receiving Mounting Dome Coupling

The female receiving mounting dome couplings are designed so that they can be inserted automatically or manually into the corresponding locating holes, without requiring any additional tools. Thus, manual and automatic assembly is possible within a very short time.

The couplings are available with or without a collar. Couplings with a collar are primarily designed for the fastening in mounting domes, but could be also fastened in plates. Due to the component geometry, an open bore is preferable.

The Multi-Retainer System is available for use with mounting dome couplings as well! A variation of the a female Snaploc® Coupling is the “Multi-Retainer System”, which can be reviewed in the excerpt of the catalog linked to this webpage. The “Multi-Retainer System” is a Snaploc® Coupling that could be installed in either a mounting dome or could be slid onto thin sheet metal or composite plates, two install methods with just one coupling!

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