Bollhoff Snaploc Female Receiving Plate Fastening Coupling

Due to the geometry, these couplings may be mounted by simply being pushed into a specified bore or square opening.

The couplings can be assembled by pressing them easily into a mounting geometry. Because of the space available in the joining process, the typical parent application used is usually a thin sheet metal, a thin plastic plate or a flat smooth composite surface. To simplify the assembly, we offer an installation tool.

The Multi-Retainer System is available for use with plate fastening couplings as well! A variation of the female Snaploc® Coupling is the “Multi-Retainer System”, which can be reviewed in the excerpt of the catalog linked to this webpage. The “Multi-Retainer System” is a Snaploc® Coupling that could be installed in either a mounting dome or could be slid onto thin sheet metal or composite plates; two install methods with just one coupling!

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