Whether on the road, in the air, on the water or on land –Rivet Nut USA  offers joining product solutions for every industry. Rivet Nut USA, a division of Cardinal Components, offers a wide selection of catalog (in stock) and custom (made to print) thread inserts for plastics for various applications.

Threaded Nut Inserts


What is a Threaded Nut Insert for Plastics?

There are two types of threaded inserts, in-molded inserts which are set before the plastic is poured (Bollhoff IMTEC®) and inserts installed after the mold has been poured (Bollhoff AMTEC®).   We are proud to offer the Bollhoff IMTEC® and AMTEC® threaded nut inserts to allow users to achieve superior quality bonding in light weight plastic. To provide our customers the best availability and variety, we also offer non-Bollhoff inserts. Spirol® threaded nut inserts include Press-In Inserts, Heat/Ultrasonic Inserts, Self-Tapping Inserts, In-Molded Inserts, and additional custom inserts. Products available from Rivet Nut USA include those for in-molding insertion with thermoset and thermoplastic materials, as well as CFRP composites and installation thread insert products for after-molding. Depending on your application process and materials being used, we have inserts available in stainless-steel, aluminum, and brass.

Rivet Nut USA (a distributing division of Cardinal Components, Inc.) is YOUR Preferred Authorized Bollhoff Distributor of all Bollhoff products, including Bollhoff IMTEC® and AMTEC® threaded inserts.

Types of Threaded Nut Inserts for Plastics

Rivet Nut USA offers two categories for threaded nut inserts available through Bollhoff and two categories for Spirol® threaded nut inserts. Check out these product categories to see which is best for your application!  Rivet Nut USA provides many product options within each category for any type of application! if you need help with product selection. Contact Rivet Nut Usa at 800.236.3200 or a send us an email (sales@rivetnutusa.com) for a quote today!

Bollhoff IMTEC® in-molded inserts

Bollhoff  AMTEC® after-molded inserts

Spirol® thermoset and thermoplastic inserts