Spirol Threaded Nut Inserts for Plastics

Rivet Nut USA is proud distributor of Spirol’s® threaded nut inserts for plastics. These inserts provide reusable threads and they maintain the quality of the fastened joint for the life of the application. Since an insert is twice the diameter of the screw, it substantially improves the strength of the formed plastic joint as compared to one without the use of a metal threaded insert. If the screw was directly installed into the plastic (without the use of a threaded insert), stripping would likely occur. The metal thread of the insert provides creep resistance for the joint, preventing it from releasing and maintaining a tight thread attachment.

Rivet Nut USA, a division of Cardinal Components, offers an expansive line of Spirol® Threaded Nut Inserts for plastics to provide you with the best quality connection for your specific application requirements including installation method, plastic type and performance.

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Spirol's Thermoset and Thermoplastics Installation

There are two main categories of plastics for threaded insert installation: thermosets and thermoplastics. Thermoset plastics go through an irreversible chemical change process, that cannot be reformed, using heat and pressure. These plastics are tough and heat resistant. Thermoset plastics require the use of In-Molded, Press-In, or Self-Tapping Inserts because this type of plastic cannot be changed once formed.

Thermoplastics are rigid and solid at normal temperatures, and at heightened temperatures they soften and melt. Some of the more common thermoplastics are ABS, polyamide (eg. Nylon 6-6), PVC and polycarbonate (PC). Press-In, Self-Tapping, Heat / Ultrasonic and In-Molded Inserts are the best options for plastics in this category.

Spirol’s® Inserts for Plastics Product Categories

Spirol® offers a variety of threaded insert options to meet your production requirements. They are offered in thread sizes ranging from 2-56 (M2) to 5/16-18 (M8) – depending on insert type.

  • Press-In Inserts: These inserts are perfect for use in softer plastics.
  • Heat/Ultrasonic Inserts: The Heat/Ultrasonic Insert is the best choice for post-mold installation in thermoplastics.
  • Self-Tapping Inserts: Installation is performed by rotating the Self-Tapping Insert into a molded plastic hole.
  • In-Molded Insert: These inserts work best for thermosets and engineered plastics with a high percentage of filler.
  • Additional Alternative Inserts: When your design requires a non-stock item, Rivet Nut USA can help by providing a custom order insert to meet your requirements!

SPIROL® Catalog Information

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Rivet Nut USA has many high-quality joining products that will help you attain a strong bond between metals and plastic! Contact us for a FREE quote or more information today!