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June 10, 2022

Aluminum rivet nuts, also referred to as threaded inserts, or Rivnuts®, are ideal for a wide variety of applications since aluminum is extremely lightweight (weighs about one third as much as steel), made of non-magnetic material (steel and some stainless steels are magnetic and not suitable for electronic environments), and is naturally corrosion resistant (excellent for wet, water, salt and  outdoor environments). These fasteners offer an exceptional balance of high strength and lightweight properties (good for nautical marine, automotive and aerospace applications that focus on weight reduction opportunities).

The typical manufacturing process to create aluminum rivets nuts begins with aluminum wire coming off a coil that is fed into a cold header that “mashes” the wire into a rivet nut shape. The rivet nut is then finished on a machining center that holds the tight dimensional tolerances that are demanded by rigorous automotive and aerospace applications.

For decades, the typical material that aluminum rivet nuts are made from are 5056 and 6061 aluminum. Should your application require a specific material, please make that known when asking for a quote, although most users are indifferent between 5056 and 6061, 6061 is the one of the most commonly available general-purpose aluminum alloys.

Aluminum Alloy 6061 is also Commonly Referred to as:

  • UNS A96061
  • AA 6061
  • AlMg1SiCu
  • 3.3214 Aluminum
  • H20 Aluminum

Aluminum alloy 5056 is also Commonly Referred to as:

  • UNS A95056
  • AA 5056

Nobility of Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel

Typically, aluminum rivet nuts are used in aluminum applications. Occasionally, an aluminum rivet nut would be used in a steel or stainless steel application, which can bring into play “galvanic corrosion” due to the different noble proprieties of the materials. In an undemanding indoor environment, galvanic corrosion may pose less of a concern but in demanding outdoor environments, one would caution putting aluminum rivet nuts into stainless steel applications, as the aluminum is less noble (more anodic) and stainless steel is more noble (more cathodic). Aluminum and Steel (especially steel that has zinc plating) get along better, as both are less noble (more anodic). This is a Reference Only guide to nobility and for exact noble performance requirements, users must complete testing of their exact application.

nobility of common metals chart

Aluminum Rivnut® | Rivet Nut Applications

Rivet Nut USA stocks standard/unified and metric aluminum rivet nuts in a selection of styles and an assortment of diameters and lengths. Rivet nuts offer multiple head flange configurations (thick/flat, thin, countersunk heads), body configurations (round smooth body, round knurled body, full hex body, half hex body), open-end and closed-end rivet nut inserts. Closed-end aluminum rivet nuts provide better waterproofing as water is less likely to seep through the rivet nut into the backside/inside of the application.

Rivet Nut USA has you covered for ALL of your fastening requirements.

From the one-off small usage applications to high volume manufacturing/production scale quantities, Rivet Nut USA has the knowledge and engineering expertise to help you select the right fastener and installation tooling for your application.

Industries that Use Aluminum Rivnuts® | Rivet Nuts in Production

  • Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Construction Equipment Manufacturing
  • Energy Equipment Manufacturing
  • Marine Equipment Manufacturing
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing
  • Military Equipment Manufacturing
  • Oil, Gas & Chemistry Equipment Manufacturing
  • Over-the-Road (OTR) Equipment Manufacturing
  • Plane | Plane Equipment Manufacturing
  • Restaurant Equipment Manufacturing
  • Window Manufacturing

AND MANY MORE!Aluminum rivet nuts and Rivnuts® come in a wide variety of shapes, lengths and head types to match any fastening job out there.

Aluminum Rivet Nut Thread Size Options

Rivet Nut USA stocks various thread sizes for all applications.

Metric thread sizes: M3 | M4 | M5 | M6 | M8 | M10 | M12

Standard/Unified thread sizes: 4-40 (440) | 6-32 (632) | 8-32 (832) | 10-32 (1032) | 10-24  (1024)| 1/4-20 (2520) | 5/16-18 (3118) | 3/8-16 (3716) | 3/8-24 (3724) | 1/2-12 (5013) | 1/2-50 (5020)

aluminum rivnuts®, aluminum rivet nuts, aluminum nutserts
a commercial oven that was manufactured using aluminun rivet nuts

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