Bollhoff Imtec Threaded Inserts for plastics

 Bollhoff IMTEC® products offer hybrid solutions! In-molded IMTEC® parts incorporate wear-free and resilient metal threads in high-quality plastic components. Before the formed part is produced, the IMTEC® molded inserts are placed into the plastic mold manually or by means of a handling system. Then, the metal inserts are injection-molded within the plastic. It is important to ensure the core pins fit squarely into the mold for a good fit between the core pins and the IMTEC® molded inserts.

Bollhoff IMTEC® Product Types

 Rivet Nut USA has many high-quality joining products that will help you attain a strong bond between metals and plastic!

Bollhoff IMTEC® Advantages

  • Maximized Usable Thread Length
    • Our components utilize a longer thread length and more thread connections than other brands on the market, which affords for a stronger bonded joint.
  • Corrosion Protection
    • The use of stainless steel (1.4301/10) makes your component durable and long-lasting because it is rust and acid resistant.
  • Component Cleanliness
    • Components are easy to clean and maintain (just wipe off!) because they do not absorb dirt easily. This ensures that your component will resist germs and bacteria better than any other material. Thus, keeping your component hygienic and sanitized, which is pivotal in an industry such as food and beverage.
  • Resilience
    • These high-strength components offer a high pull-out force thanks to the optimized flank overlap in the plastic. The benefit of this is that it provides high-mechanical resistance and energy absorption during a crash. A vital quality need in the transportation industry, for example.
  • Reduced Component Weight
    • The use of plastics has many advantages as it combines the benefits of the high strength in metal and the low weight of the plastic giving you the perfect bond!

Bollhoff IMTEC® Catalog Information

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