Bollhoff PLUSNUT Pre-Bulbed

Rivet Nut USA (an operating division of  Cardinal Components, Inc.) is proud to be your Preferred Authorized Bollhoff Distributor. To provide our customers with the best availability and variety, we also offer non-Bollhoff rivet nuts & fasteners.

The Pre-Bulbed PLUSNUT® is a version that offers very low installation load force. This version is ideal for consumer-centric applications, such as outfitting a pick-up truck or boat with an aftermarket accessory. Package the Pre-Bulbed PLUSNUT® fasteners with the C1000 tool to create a kit that each of your customers can use!

  • Very similar to PLUSNUT®.Bollhoff PLUSNUT® Pre-Bulbed diagram
  • An additional special design edit (i.e., the “pre-bulb”) made to create a super low installation force.
  • Great for consumer-based field install applications.

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