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    8 Things to Consider When Purchasing Rivet Nuts | Rivnuts®

    8 things to consider when purchasing rivet nuts, rivnuts

    1) What is the thread size required?

    Rivet Nut USA stocks many sizes:

    • Unified: 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 10-24, 1/4-20 (2520), 1/4-28 (2528), 5/16-18 (3118), 5/16-24 (3124), 3/8-16 (3716), 3/8-24 (3724), 1/2-13 (5013) and 1/2-50 (5020).
    • Metric: M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12.

    2) What is the application material thickness or gage of material?

    Each thread size has grip ranges (length of shank under head).

    3) What type of material do you want the fastener made out of?

    We carry steel, stainless steel, non-magnetic stainless steel, aluminum and brass.

    4) What product type do you need?

    Rivnut thick-wall round body, thin-wall round body, full or half hex body, European style (metric Rivkle®) or Plusnut®.

    5) Head style?

    Flat head, countersunk head or thin head.

    6) Other options available:

    Open end or closed end part.

    Smooth body, knurled body or keyed.

    7) How many parts do you need?

    How many parts do you need to buy?  Note your quantity breaks.  The products we have for sale, we initially buy in large quantities at best wholesale pricing, then carry on our shelves so we can sell in the exact quantity you need.

    8) Tools?

    We offer a large variety of hand and pneumatic tooling.