The Bollhoff PLUSNUT® provides the ultimate pull out strength in thin sheet metals and soft plastics. It features a slotted body that splits into four legs during installation, which helps provide a wide load-bearing surface on the backside of the parent material. This splitting is why they are sometimes referred to as split rivet nuts.

Rivet Nut USA (an operating division of Cardinal Components, Inc.) is a Preferred Authorized Bollhoff Distributor of the Bollhoff PLUSNUT®. Bollhoff PLUSNUT® fasteners are the original trademarked version of “slotted body rivet nuts”. To provide our customers the best availability and variety, we also offer non-Bollhoff slotted body rivet nuts & fasteners. We’re the largest in-stock specialty fastener distributor in the USA.

The PLUSNUT® features the widest material grip range of all blind threaded fasteners (nearly a quarter of an inch!) A wide material grip range is helpful when your application may have variable material thicknesses, such as thermoformed, rotational or blow molded plastics. Sprinter or work van enthusiasts prefer the PLUSNUT® as their go-to internally threaded slotted body rivet nut fastener solution.

Rivet Nut USA stocks a selection of installation tools for easy-to-use and reliable PLUSNUT® installation such as our pneumatic nut insert tools (4090P & 6703P), manual hand tools (C1000, C7000 & 140-2000). Check out our “Install Tools” page for more information.

The Pre-Bulbed PLUSNUT® is a version that offers very low installation load force. This version is ideal for consumer-centric applications, such as outfitting a pick-up truck or boat with an aftermarket accessory. Package the Pre-Bulbed PLUSNUT® fasteners with the C1000 tool to create a kit that each of your customers can use!

To learn more about PLUSNUT® (slotted body rivet nut) fasteners, please refer to a sampling of options below! For your exact PLUSNUT® fastener needs, please give us a call today at (800) 236-3200, contact us here or email us at

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The Bollhoff PLUSNUT® (“slotted body rivet nut”) design advantages include:

  • Assemble two materials together
  • Allows for blind installation, installs in seconds
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Use in very thin sheet metal, various soft plastics/fiberglass applications
  • Wide grip range for variable thickness materials and for part consolidation
  • Soft installation forces to avoid fracturing in soft or brittle materials, or damaging finishes
  • Available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Available in 4-40 to 3/8-16 & M4 to M10 thread size

Bollhoff PLUSNUT® Catalog Information


  • Ideal for thin sheet metal, soft plastics.
  • Four-leg, wide load-bearing support on backside of surface after install.
  • The “workhorse” of internally threaded fasteners; used in a diverse range of applications.
  • Great to use in Sprinter van (work van) installations/ conversions.
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PLUSNUT® Pre-Bulbed

  • Very similar to PLUSNUT®.
  • An additional special design edit (i.e., the “pre-bulb”) made to create a super low installation force.
  • Great for consumer-based field install applications.
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If you only have a few PLUSNUTS® to install, please think about going to our Amazon Store to make a instant purchase.

Plusnut Kit

Quality Blind PLUSNUT® Rivet Nut Fasteners that Are Easy to Install

Make sure you have the right tool for the right job by calling Rivet Nut USA, an operating division of Cardinal Components, today. We help you find blind PLUSNUT® fasteners and installation tools that meet your project needs. Based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, we ship nationwide.

cardinal components' plusnut® division
cardinal components' plusnut® division
cardinal components' plusnut® division

Installs in four simple steps.

PLUSNUT® (aka ‘Plus Body’) (aka ‘Slotted Body’)

Rivet Nut USA carries Bollhoff PLUSNUT® Blind Fasteners for the the most rigid fastening. A PLUSNUT® is a blind, threaded insert recommended for rigid fastening in sheet metal, fiberglass and plastics. The slotted shank spreads and forms large flaps to evenly distribute working loads over a large area. Bollhoff PLUSNUT® fasteners are ideal when you cannot access one side, or if it is very difficult to do so. The PLUSNUT® is easy to use and yet maintains the strength and integrity needed for industrial or heavy duty applications.

Bollhoff PLUSNUT® fasteners provide incredible pull-out strength, as well as grip. Where strength is the main goal, this is an ideal fastener to use. PLUSNUTS® are also ideal for a variety of applications, as both soft or brittle materials accept this fastener optimally, and without damage to the softer materials; which is why PLUSNUTS® are considered the rivet nut for plastic!

Our PLUSNUTS® are quality parts, manufactured by Bollhoff, a leader in the industry. We are ISO 9001 certified, so our PLUSNUT® production and customer service are of the highest quality. If you need blind Bollhoff PLUSNUTS®, remember Cardinal Components. We supply high quality PLUSNUTS® at competitive prices and our in-stock items ship the same day they are ordered. Check out our wide variety or call us to discuss your PLUSNUT® fastener needs today!

PLUSNUTS® Pre-Bulbed

Our Bollhoff PLUSNUT® Pre-Bulbed version provided all of the features and benefits of the standard version. But since it is slightly expanded, it can be installed by applying torque to the fastener with a pneumatic torque style tool. It can also be installed with a simple, low cost hand wrench type tool that can be packaged with the Bollhoff Rivnut® PN-PLUSNUT® Pre-Bulbed for consumer installation.

Key Benefits of Bollhoff Fastener PLUSNUTS®

  • Provides ultimate pull-out strength in thin or soft materials.
  • Wide grip range for variable thickness materials and for part consolidation.
  • Easy installation with hand or automatized tooling.
  • Slot body design facilitates low installation forces that help avoid fracturing soft or brittle parent material.
  • Soft installation forces to avoid fracturing in soft or brittle materials.
  • Available in 4-40 to 3/8-16 (1/2-13 special order) and M3 to M10 (M12 special order) thread sizes.

The following “for your reference only” data is provided as information that might relate to your specific application. Rivet Nut USA, Cardinal Components or Bollhoff does not imply that this “for your reference only” data is specific to your application. Reliable data that is specific to your application can only be obtained by doing a test installation of threaded inserts into your specific application and measuring the engineering data that results from such a test installation.

If interested, please contact us for the timeline and costs associated for initiating a test installation that will provide data specific to your application.