Specialty Fasteners and Specialty Nuts distributed and supplied by Rivet Nut USA

Rivet Nut USA, a division of Cardinal Components, is the largest supplier of in-stock specialty fasteners. We offer many options for Threaded Nut Inserts for Plastics. We are the preferred distributor of Bollhoff IMTEC®, in-molded inserts which are set before the plastic is poured and Bollhoff AMTEC®, inserts installed after the mold has been poured. We also have available specialty fasteners from Spirol®. There are two main categories for Spirol® fasteners, thermosets and thermoplastics. The Bollhoff SNAPLOC® fastener is another option, which is a two-part fastener system consisting of a ball stud and coupling for quick installation and is based on the principle of a simple snap connection. We offer these products and so much more for all your fastener requirements.

We Can Help!! If you need assistance selecting the right fastener for your application or your design requires a specialty item, we can create a custom order insert to meet your needs! Please give us a call at 800.236.3200 or a send us an email (sales@rivetnutusa.com) for a quote today!

Specialty Fastener Product Types