What is the Bollhoff® ONSERT®? Adhesive Bonding without Welding

May 25, 2022

What if you need lightweight materials that offer a male or female fastening solution, and does not require access nor affect the backside of the parent material? Then insert the Bollhoff® ONSERT® fastener!!!!

Step 1: Dispensing. The adhesive is squeezed onto the fastener.
Step 2: Joining. The fastener with the adhesive is then placed into the installation setting tool. The installation tool is then inverted and abutted to the parent application.
Step 3: Curing. The installation tool light feature is activated and after several seconds, the fastener is securely adhered to the parent application.


blind fasteners

The fastener element is combined into a base of transparent plastic, which is then bonded to the parent application using a light-curing adhesive. The Bollhoff® ONSERT® is used when fasteners are mounted to non-weldable materials or materials that you cannot access the backside. This innovative technology offers best conditions for versatile use in different segments. The ONSERT® also features a propriety method of cleanly removing the fastener and residual adhesive when the fastener is no longer needed or needs replacement.

Product Benefits:

  • Full mechanical load capacity immediately after adhesion is complete
  • Short cure time (<4 seconds)
  • No penetration or protrusion into parent application

Bollhoff® ONSERT® Application Example:

In the airline industry, after the ONSERT® fastener element has been bonded to the parent panel, a smart option for cable management has been created throughout the fuselage/plane (see below photos). The cables do not come into contact with the seat lining during a flight and static charges or damage to the cables are reduced while safer energy management is improved.

airline cable fastened to a panel with Bollhoff's ONSERT element for cable management Bollhoff ONSERT fastener element

Engineering | Design Information:

Generally, all the ONSERT® fastener lines can be provided in any geometry which can be produced by injection molding equipment. Screwed connections on plastic moldings, detachable and non-detachable snap connections, adhesive Bollhoff® SNAPLOC® fasteners, etc… can be applied to materials such as CFRP, FRP, glass, lacquer, cathodic dip coating, plastic such as PC-ABS, PA and blends. Fasteners such as screws, threaded bushes or snap connectors are provided with a transparent plastic sheath. The geometry should be chosen in collaboration with your sales engineer so that a sufficient bonding surface is available.

By means of several tests on the original component, the corresponding adhesive will be defined. They should be chosen individually for your substrate and field of application. DELO PHOTOBOND is a common adhesive solution.


  • Light-curing acrylate
  • Curing in short cycle times
  • Universal adhesion to various substrates
  • Application-specific mechanical properties (ultimate elongation, glass-transition temperature, Young’s modulus)

If you, or your team, are interested in this fantastic Bollhoff® ONSERT® fastener, call or contact Rivet Nut USA (an operating division of Cardinal Components, Inc.). We are your authorized preferred Bollhoff® Distributor.