RIVNUT® fasteners have been providing engineers with fastening solutions for 80 years. The RIVNUT® complete fastening system includes hand and power tools for low to high production use. They can be processed from aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel and other high strength materials.

Rivnut® Catalogs


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RIVNUT® blind rivet nut, the original blind installed internally threaded rivet

Blind threaded fasteners and tools designed for the assembly of sheet metals, tubular structures and plastics

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rivet nut usa rivkle® catalog

European design for “true metric” hole sizes

Wide variety of styles and thread sizes

Available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel

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The functional push-fit connector

Isolates against vibration and noise: with the coupler made of TPE, combined with optimal geometry

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Mechanical Properties

The following “for your reference only” data is provided as information that might relate to your specific application. Rivet Nut USA, Cardinal Components or Bollhoff does not imply that this “for your reference only” data is specific to your application. Reliable data that is specific to your application can only be obtained by doing a test installation of fasteners into your specific application and measuring the engineering data that results from such a test installation.

If interested, please contact us for the timeline and costs associated for initiating a test installation that will provide data specific to your application.

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Tool Selection

Fastener/Tool Selection Guide

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The Fastener Tool Selection Guide indicates the fastener and thread size capability of each Bollhoff RIVNUT® tool. For more information, please review our “Install Tools” webpage. This chart covers products made from steel only. For assistance in selecting tools to install aluminum or stainless steel products please contact us at 800-236-3200 or by email: sales@rivetnutusa.com

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