How Does a Pneumatic Nutsert Tool Work?

June 5, 2019

A pneumatic nutsert tool is air-powered. The air pressure supplied by a shop air compressor forces the hydraulic oil in the tool to create enough force to upset/install the fastener. Step 1: The pneumatic nutsert tool operator spins a rivet nut onto the tool’s threaded mandrel tip. Rivet Nut USA’s tools have “automatic” spin-on technology, saving an operator 1-2 seconds... View Article

What is a Threaded Nut Insert?

April 15, 2019

As a variation of the standard rivet, a threaded nut insert, also known as a blind rivet nut or rivet nut, is a mechanical fastener. This counter-bored, tubular, one-piece rivet has internal threads that is anchored entirely from just the one side of the material in which it’s installed. Depending on the application, finding a fastener that works with thin... View Article

Rivet Nut Distributor

February 4, 2019

Rivet Nuts and Weld Nuts Both a Rivet Nut and a Weld Nut are specialty fasteners that are installed into a parent material, and provide internal threads for screw-in attachments. These fasteners are cold headed from metal wire and finished machined to exacting tolerances. A Rivet Nut is a tubular rivet with internal threads. Rivet nuts are installed into your... View Article